Dedicated virtual Assistants

Flexibility, Productivity, Time management

GA Business Assistant’s virtual support services help busy businessmen who are not physically in the office, cannot hire full-time staff, or do not have the time to conduct interviews. Your administrative needs are met without hiring, training or hosting self-employed staff.

GA Business Assistant is a powerful and efficient virtual assistant for any type of business. There, to help you manage your daily business.

Focus on your core business and benefit from our professionalism in secretarial, digital marketing,accounting and administrative management.

Get the best value for money and proactive support and support

Our expertise in administrative services & outsourcing of support functions.


  • Classification, sorting and digital archiving documents and folders.
  • Writing reports, business letters.
  • Handling customer phone calls.
  • Managing the switchboard and phone calls.
  • Managing and processing incoming and outgoing emails.;
  • Receiving and writing letters and emails.
  • Planning and managing the CEO’s business travel.
  • Preparation of the manager’s business trips.
  • Managing the manager’s agenda

Digital Marketing

  • Strategic advice: Conducting a study of your visibility, reputation and competition to offer you an intelligent, coherent and costed digital strategy on all aspects of digital marketing.
  • Managing your SEO, SEA, Webmarketing, creating content for your social networks and optimizing your website;
  • Training and coaching in Community Management, SEO, Web Analytics.
  • Creation of portofolio website and e-commerce website. Mobile application creation

Accounting management

  • Invoice and outstanding invoice management software.
  • Classification of accounting documents.
  • Treasury monitoring.
  • Accounting scoring and accounting application.
  • Bank reconciliations.
  • Management of accounting expense reports.
  • Collection of invoices
  • Liaison with the chartered accountant.
  • Self-employed’s accounting records.

Sales Administration / Customer Relationship

  • Shipping orders.
  • Control and registering sales contracts.
  • Coordination between different entities (commercial, transport, accounting).
  • Control of administrative procedures applicable to sales made.
  • Collection of receivables
  • Drafting specifications for relationships between customers, suppliers, and partners.

Project Management

  • Lead the planning and implementation of the project;
  • Creation and management of amazon seller account
  • Assemble and coordinate the staff project;
  • Manage the allocation of project resources;
  • Plan project timelines;
  • Continuously monitor and report project progress;
  • Report on project progress and issues;
  • Implement and manage project changes;

Other Services

  • Acre application assistance: All the formalities from verification of eligibility to submission of the application file;
  • Management of pension files;
  • Social housing assistance;
  • Booking your train/flight tickets
  • Writing and/or translating documents into English and French;
  • Planning of meetings, seminars;
With GA Business Assistant

You save money and you save time

GA Business Assistant is delighted to bring you highly skilled talent – rigorously trained independent administrative talent. High quality, low cost. Work efficiently. Delegate to your GA Business Assistant.

How it works

Private or Professional, our offers are designed for you

Your Virtual Assistant is your right hand man. There to support you in the realization of your relevant objectives and develop your project that you hold so dear.

Delegate effectively, allowing you to focus on your core goals instead of focusing on repetitive tasks without added value. For the sole purpose of optimizing your business and expanding your business and achieving success.

GA Business Assistant is a web-based solution. It allows you to manage all your administrative procedures and daily operations with a virtual attendant, available according to the agreed schedules.

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